Mercy For Animals investigators went inside six pig factory farms in Mexico…

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Meet Alba

Alba spent most of her life behind rusty metal bars. Her body was sore and tired from being used for breeding. Alba’s hooves never sunk into cool soil after a spring rain. She never felt the warm sun on her back.

Alba was devastated by the heartbreak of giving birth and having her piglets taken from her over and over again. Her loss was evident in her eyes. She was hopeless.

Disgusting Conditions

With nowhere else to go, pigs were forced to lie down in their own excrement. One pig rested next to a cesspool with a layer of green algae growing on it.

Pigs are very clean animals. If given sufficient space, pigs are careful not to soil the areas where they sleep and eat.

Infested with Flies

Abhorrent conditions caused many pigs to develop festering wounds and open sores. One gaping sore on a pig’s back was filled with black flies. The mother pig was helpless to defend herself against the bites.

“Alba” stands for “daybreak.” Each of us has the ability to create a new dawn for all the Albas behind bars. Give today so we can continue to shine a light on these atrocities. Every life counts.

—Roberto, an MFA undercover investigator

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